Norwegian Christmas Salad / Julesalat

A recipe for a spicy salad found on
Norwegian Christmas Salad / Julesalat

A delicious salad with Greek type of yogurt, fruit and herring. Perfect as an accessory on the Christmas brunch table or buffet! A recipe with taste of Christmas.

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Fish in Mustard and Onion Sauce / Fisk i Sennep- og Løksaus

A recipe for boiled fish in tasty sauce found in “Hverdagsmat”
(Everyday Food) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979

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Etikasilakat – Finnish Sweet and Sour Herring / Finsk Sursøt Sild

A Finish starter recipe found in i “Kulinarisk Pass”
(Culinary Passport) published by Tupperware in 1970

Etikasilakat – Finnish Sweet and Sour Herring / Finsk Sursøt Sild

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Danish Fried Herring with Beetroot Salad / Stegte Sild med Rødbedesalat

A traditional Danish dinner recipe found on
Danish Fried Herring with Beetroot Salad / Stegte Sild med Rødbedesalat

Anyone who knows a little about Scandinavian food in the old times knows that herring, both fresh and salted, was a central part of the diet not just along the coast. Barrels of salted herring were easy to transport and became part of the diet also on the countryside.


Strömmingslåda – Swedish Herring Mould / Svensk Sildeform

A classic Swedish recipe found in “Kulinarisk Pass”
(Culinary Passport) published by Tupperware in 1970

Strömmingslåda – Swedish Herring Mould / Svensk Sildeform

Herring is one of the very best food sources for vitamin D. Our bodies make this vitamin in sunlight, but in Nordic climate, it’s easy not to get enough. There seems to be more to vitamin D than strong teeth and bones. It’s now thought that vitamin D deficiency might be a factor in many diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

Herring is loaded with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These fatty acids help prevent heart disease and keep the brain functioning properly. They also seem to be effective in reducing inflammatory conditions, such as Crohn’s disease and arthritis.

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The Christmas Recipes – Part 25

The Christmas Recipes – Part 25

Glöggmartini / Mulled Wine Martini

Glöggmartini / Mulled Wine Martini

Glazier’s Herring / Glassmestersild

Glazier’s Herring / Glassmestersild

The Christmas Recipes – Part 9

The Christmas Recipes – Part 9

Mother Monsen / Mor Monsen
Mother Monsen / Mor Monsen

Coriander & Ginger Herring / Koriander & Ingefærsild
Coriander & Ginger Herring /
Koriander & Ingefærsild

The Christmas Recipes – Part 5


Lamb Ribs With Mashed Root Vegetables /Pinnekjøtt Med Rotmos
Lamb Ribs With Mashed Root Vegetables /
Pinnekjøtt Med Rotmos

Mustard Herring / Sennepsild
Mustard Herring / Sennepsild

Pickled Herring and Potatoes / Sill och Potatis

A traditional Swedish recipe found on
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Herring and potatoes was poor people’s staple dinner in the old days here in Scandinavia. The sea was full of herring and it could be salted for storing and potatoes were cheap too. But don’t think their dinner plates looked anything like the one on the picture above, because that is party food – Ted


A Roman Fish Soup / En Romersk Fiskesuppe

A recipe from “Fra canard à l’orange til ris à la Carte”
a book in the “Gourmet – om god vin og festelig mad”
series published in 1978
en romersk fiskesuppe_post

This recipe is obviously based on an old one from Roman times and is pretty freely interpreted. I can see several types of seafood in the picture that is not mentioned in the recipe, for instance squid and shrimps so I guess it is a type of use what you got kind of fish soup which seems reasonably enough. Most seafood is delicious anyway – Ted


Coriander & Ginger Herring / Koriander & Ingefærsild

A new variation on the Scandinavian pickled herrings found on grytelokket .no115_koriander og ingefærsild_post

Scandinavians are wild about pickled and potted herring and new variations turns up ever so often. Among these are coriander and ginger herring, but you can safely put it on the Christmas buffet along with the other herring jars, or give it away to someone you know will like it. This pickled herring is going to be a Christmas classic.

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Mustard Herring / Sennepsild

A classic Scandinavian herring recipe found on dansukker.no1078_sennepsild_post

As I have told you before Scandinavians are just about crazy when it comes herring. With this in mind it should come as no surprise that we eat herring at Christmas too. A Scandinavian Christmas buffet without herring in many different forms would simply be a miserable affair. By the way, would you find it strange that we actually have cranberry herring too 😉

And this recipe comes as a request from my friend Thor at ThorNews. Should you like me to post a particular Norwegian or another Scandinavian Christmas recipe, feel free to mail me or leave a massage on one of my Christmas posts – Ted


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Classic Herring Salad / Klassisk Sildesalat

A classic salad recipe found at

Anyone who have the slightest knowledge about Scandinavian cooking knows that most of us is completely bonkers when it comes to herrings. We make potted herrings with just about anything you can imagine. Cherry, port, madeira, aquavit, curry, tomato sauce, sour cream, mustard sauce, you name it and we pot herring in it. Here on the other hand is a recipe for a classic herring salad – Ted


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