Chinese Inspired Mushroom Toast / Kinainspirerad Svamptoast

A tempting sandwich recipe foubd in “Stora Boken om
Smörgåsar og Smörgåstårtor” (The Big Book on Sandwiches
and Sandwich Cakes) published in 1985

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Pan-fried Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich / Pannestekt Kalkun, Brie og Tyttebærsandwich

A nice version of the pan-fried sandwich found on
Pan-fried Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich_foodnetwork_post

Anything containing cranberry sauce or jam will sound downright mouthwatering to any Scandinavian, we grew up on the stuff after all. Meatballs without cranberryjam for instance will sound like a monstrosity to most of us. So these sandwiches would go down well around our neck of the woods too – Ted

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Gaeran To Su Tu – Korean Egg Toast / Koreansk Eggetoast

A nice Asian street dish found on
Korean egg toast (gaeran to su tu)_sbs-com-au_post

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatEgg toasts are sold by street stall vendors in Korea to cater for those in a hurry. Koreans usually have a hot breakfast of rice, soup, kimchi and side dishes. These pan fried white bread toasted egg sandwiches are a fusion of Asian flavours and Western influences. The addition of cabbages lends a lovely crunch to the soft egg omelette.


Paris Sandwiches / Parisersmörgåsar

A classic Scandinavian hot sandwich recipe found in
“Stora Boken om Smörgåssr och Smörgåstårtor”
(The Big Book on Sandwiches and Sandwichcakes)
published by ICA Bokförlag in 1984


You’ll find variations of the recipe for this sandwich all over Scandinavia. In my mind this is one of the very best of them – Ted


Toast with Shrimp Stew / Toast med Rejestuvning

A recipe from the Danish “Småretter og Salater” (Snacks and Salads) in the “MENU Inrernational Madlexicon” series published by Lademann in 1975
toast med rejestuvning_post

traditional badge danish_flatThe Danes are great with open face sandwiches whether they are cold or hot. This sandwich is a good example of what you can have with cup of tea or a cold bottle of beer at a Danish  café or inn – Ted


Cheese’n Bean Grill / Varmt Ostesmørbrød med Tomatbønner

A snack recipe from an ad for Kraft published in 1967beanes and cheese on toast_kraft_post

The recipe says to grill the sandwiches till the cheese has melted, but the cheese on the pictures looks only slightly out of shape to me. Melted cheddar tastes great, lukewarm cheddar on the other hand… – Ted


Wonderful Wind-Up / En Herlig Snack

A simple recipe from an ad for Kraft American Cheese in Slices published in 19671967 Food Ad, Kraft American Cheese Slices_post


Delicious Canapés Fifties Scandinavian Style

Canapé recipes from “Varme Smørbrød” (Hot sandwiches) published by J W Cappelen in 1958


I’ve noticed that in this book the map does not always correspond with the terrain. What I mean is that the recipes and descriptions doesn’t always seam to correspond with the picture of the sandwich. But I guess you get the idea anyway – Ted


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3 Classic Hot Norwegian Open-faced Sandwiches

Three recipes from “Varme Smørbrød” (Hot Sandwiches) published by J W Cappelen in 1958


Back in the fifties Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe now we are probably the richest. The smoked salmon sandwich at the bottom here is a good measure of this. Buy one here to day and you’ll get a bread slice twice as big, with an inch thick layer of scrambled eggs and at least two slices of smoked salmon on top – Ted


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Hot Sandwiches Scandinavian Style – Part 2

Recipes from a small book called simply “Varme smørbrød” (Hot sandwiches) published by J W Cappelen in 1958

Here’s the second post from “Varme smørbrød” and this time  it’s all about sandwiches made from minced beef. You don’t see them that often any more, but back in my childhood this kind of sandwiches were close to staple food when the evening came. At least in the home I grew up in -Ted


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