Potato Lefse / Potetlefse

A traditional Norvegian lefse recipe found on brodogkorn.no
Potato Lefse / Potetlefse

Potato Lefse is made from boiled potatoes, sour cream, cream, butter and flour, and baked on a griddle. Serve with your dinner, for lutefisk or other traditional Norwegian food like cured meat or bring it on a hike with nice toppings.

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Norwegian Soft Lefse / Mørlefse

A classic Norwegian lefse recipe found on brodogkorn.no

Soft lefse is soft and sweet and extra nice with cheese. They are cooked on a griddle, and made with sour milk, sour cream, butter and golden syrup. You can also make a wholemeal version that makes for great hiking food.

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“Seter Lefse” from Telemark / Seterlefser fra Telemark

A traditional  Norwagian lefse recipe found on matoppskrift.no
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A “seter” is the same a British shielding and was used for the same purpose here in Norway as it was in Britain. Very few farmers move their cattle to a “seter” in the summer these days.

A shieling (Scottish Gaelic: àirigh, Cornish: havos), also spelt sheiling, shealing and sheeling, is a hut, or collection of huts, once common in a wild or lonely place in the hills and mountains of Scotland and northern England. The word also refers to a mountain pasture used for the grazing of cattle in summer.


Soft Lefse / Pjalt

A traditional Norwegian lefse recipe from bygdekvinnelaget.no419_pjalt_post

Soft lefse or “Pjalt” as this particular type is called is nice with a cup of coffee spread with cheese or jam both at home or on a picnic. Recipe from Upper Folldal Society of Rural Women.

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Soft Thick Norwegian Lefse / Mørlefse

A classic Norwegian soft lefse recipe from allers.no174_moerlefse_post

“Mørlefse” is a thick lefse which can be baked in a dry frying pan and therefore a good option for those who don’t have a griddle. “Mørlefse” is very nice, soft and comfortable in consistence. If you got a few “mørlefse” in the freezer you always got something to serve with the tea or coffee should someone drop by.

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