Oysters on Skewers / Østers på Grillspyd

A shellfish dinner recipe foungd on recipes.history.org
Oysters on Skewers / Østers på Grillspyd

Original 18. Century Recipe

“Put a bit of butter into a stew-pan, throw in large oysters and some mushrooms, with pepper, salt, pounded cloves, parsley, and sweet herbs chopped, a dust of flour; stir these about half a minute, then put the oysters on silver skewers, a mushroom between each; roll them in crumbs of bread; broil them; put into the stew-pan a little good gravy, let it be thick and palatable; a little lemon-juice. Serve the oysters on the skewers; the sauce on the dish.”

—From “The lady’s assistant for regulating and supplying the table: being a complete system of cookery… including the fullest and choicest receipts of various kinds.” 

by Charlotte Mason (1787)

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Fried Oysters / Stekte Østers

A snack/starter recipe found on a Robert  Carrier
recipe card published in 1966
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Angels On Horseback / «Engler til hest»

A recipe from “God Mat Fra Hele Verden” (Nice Food From All The World) published by Schibsted in 1971

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"Angels on horseback", belong to the specialties of the English kitchen, but can be found in other countries too. They are served as an appetizer. Here is a recipe that uses thin slices lightly salted pork, but bacon is often also used.  It is a matter of taste what you prefer. Whether it be pork or bacon, it is important that it be cooked completely crispy.


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