Split Pea & Ham Soup / Gul Ertesuppe med Skinke

A recipe for a warming, filling soup found on oxo.co.ukSplit Pea & Ham Soup / Gul Ertesuppe med SkinkeSplit Pea & Ham Soup / Gul Ertesuppe med Skinke

This recipe is English, but it might just as well have been Norwegian. I’ve eaten many a bowl of soup like this in my childhood and I stil make it ever so often. You might safely say it is one of my favourite soups – Ted


Medieval Monday – Perre

A Medieval sidedish resipe found on
One Year and Thousand Eggs
Medieval Monday_headingPerre_post

Take green peas, and boil them in a pot; And when they are broken, draw the broth a good quantity through a strainer into a pot, And sit it on the fire; and take onions and parsley, and hew them small together, And cast them thereto; And take powder of Cinnamon and pepper and cast thereto, and let boil; And take vinegar and powder of ginger, and cast thereto; And then take Saffron and salt, a little quantity, and cast thereto; And take fair pieces of pandemaine, or else of such tender bread, and cut it in fair morsels, and cast thereto; And serve it so forth.

From Harleian MS. 4016, Volume II

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Pea Soup from Western Norway / Ertesuppe fra Stryn

A traditional Norwegian soup recipe found on matoppskrift.no
Pea Soup from Western Norway / Ertesuppe fra Stryn

This pea soup that originates from Stryn was widely served during harvesting and threshing back in the old days. All vegetables that was available was generally used, as well as the meat or flesh that could be used. The beef, mutton or pork was usually smoked, dried or salted. It was standard to serve the soup with flatbread and always with boiled potatoes. The flatbread was usually dipped in the broth during the meal.

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Frikassé On Smoked Pork Knuckle / Frikassé På Røkt Svineknoke

A traditional Norwegian dinner recipe found on alleoppskrifter.no
Frikase på røkt svineknoke - Real husmannskost_post

This traditional Norwegian dish is incredibly delicious winter food! Pork knuckle is very easy to prepare and if you cook the knuckle the night before you’ll use max 20 minutes to cook this delicious dinner.

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Chicken in White Wine / Kylling i Hvitvin

Aclassic chicken recipe found in “Fjærfe på Menyen”
(Poultry on the Menu) published by
Den Norske Bokklubben in 1984
Chicken in White Wine / Kylling i Hvitvin


Japanese Omelette / Japansk Omelett

A lunch recipe found in “Internasjonale Retter med Norsk Fisk” (International dishes with Norwegian Fish) published
by Wennergren – Cappelen in 1987
Japanese Omelette / Japansk Omelett

Chirashi Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of rice and shellfish, vegetables and spices. It is all put into a thin omelette and served  beautifully on a platter.

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Mocha Crêpes with Pears / Mokka Crêpes med Pærer

A fancy dessert recipe found in “Robert Carrier’s Kitchen
Cook Book” published in 1980
mocha crêpes with pears_post

Robert Carrier McMahon, OBE (Tarrytown, New York, November 10, 1923 – France, June 27, 2006), usually known as Robert Carrier, was an American chef, restaurateur and cookery writer. His success came in England, where he was based from 1953 to 1984, and then from 1994 until his death.


Burnt Snout / Brennsnute

A recipe for a rarely made Norwegian traditional dish
found on

Nice traditional food is often the best a Norwegian can have. Some dishes are more popular than others. This dish is probably for many quite unknown but no less sturdy, Norwegian fare for that reason. The name  Brennsnute (burnt snout) comes from the fact that the dish should be served so hot that you might burn your snout on it 😉


Sweet and Sour Chicken / Sursøt Kylling

An easy and quick chicken recipe from “Snart Ferdig”
(Soon Finished) published by Hjemmets Bokklubb i 1980
623_sursøt kylling_post

I guess sweet and sour dishes, whether they are based on Western or Eastern cooking traditions can be somewhat of an acquired taste. I’ve acquired that taste ages ago. My mother made a wicked sweet and sour pork in the Scandinavian tradition and it was one of my favourites from early age – Ted


Caprice Pancakes With Rum Sauce / Caprice Pannekaker Med Romsaus

A dessert recipe from “Cookery In Colour” published in 1960caprice pancakes with rum sauce_post

So who doesn’t like pancakes. Not me at least, and these looks absolutely mouth-watering. And that rum sauce just tops it.


Peas, Beef And Pork / Erter, Kjøtt Og Flesk

A traditional Norwegian dinner recipe found on matprat.no269_Erter, kjøtt og flesk_post

Peas, beef and pork is Norwegian food with a long tradition and lots of flavour. It is often local traditions that determines what kind of meat is used – it might as well be salty lamb instead of pork.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Swedish Steamer Steak / Ångbåtsbiff

A classic Swedish lunch recipe found on recept.nu170_steam boat steak_post

A variation on the classic Swedish steak with onions. To cook it the classic manner you need a steam boat and a hot plate from the boiler. But a well used cast iron frying pan is an adequate compensation. Serve with freshly boiled potatoes, sweet peas and pickled gherkins.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_sve_flagg Recept på svenska

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Crème Lady Astor

A recipe from a dinner at the Swedish embassy
in London in 1943 found in “Kunglig Spis” (Royal Stove)
published in 1982
creme lady astor_page

Håkan Håkanson_imgHåkan Håkansson writes: “Crème Lady Astor is an exclusive variant of green pea purée. The soup was named a memorable evening at the Swedish Embassy in London in 1943. The dish is named after viscountess Nanny Witcher Astor who during the war was the first female member of the English House of Commons. Lady Astor was very good friends with Sweden’s Minister in London, Björn Prytz, and at a dinner at the Swedish Embassy, she became so fond of this soup that she wanted the recipe. Then Minister Prytz said that we might as well call the soup Lady Astor”

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_sve_flagg Recept på svenska

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Traditional Norwegian Pea Soup / Tradisjonell Ertesuppe

A traditional Norwegian dinner recipe from matprat.no162_ertesuppe_post_thumb[2]

Traditional pea soup cooked on a pork knuckle is nice, solid, Norwegian country fare suitable year round for both casual and formal occasions. Traditionally always served with pancakes with blueberry jam for dessert.

Of all the different traditional dishes I grew up with (both my parents’ families came from the countryside), this is one of my absolute favourites – Ted

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Pea Soup With Root Vegetables / Ertesuppe Med Rotgrønnsaker

A traditional soup recipe from matoppskrifter.org
Photo: Synøve Dreyer, Frukt.no

065_ertesuppe med rotgrønnsaker_post
Pea soup is real traditional food that deserves to be made a lot more often. In this recipe, there are extra root vegetables added to make the soup smooth and full of flavour. Make a lot and freeze for later.


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