Southern Chicken Gumbo / Kreolsk Kyllingsuppe

A classic Kreole dish found in ”Soup Beautiful Soup” by
Ursel Norman designed and illustrated by Derek Norman
and published by Morrow in 1982


Gumbos (poultry, meat, fish or shellfish) are typícal of Creole cookíng with okra added to give the soup its glutinous quality. The soup evolved from a Choctaw Indian dish.

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Hiking Muffins / Nistemuffins

A recipe from a promotion leaflet published by

I guess the name of the post and the picnic marking on the picture might seem a little confusing but it should at least cover both kinds of outdoor eating. I know that we Norwegians are more keen on hiking than most, so if you prefer to bring these muffins for a picnic rather than on a hike that is no skin off my nose – Ted  😉


Camarones de Veracruz – Veracruz-Style Shrimp / Reker som i Veracruz

A recipe from “International Gourmet – Mexican Cooking”
by Carolyn Dehnel published by Crescent Books in 1986

camarones de veracruz - arros rojo_post

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Mediterranean Stuffed Layered Picnic Loaves / Søreuropeiske Fylte Lagdelte Piknikbrød

A great picnic recipe found on
Mediterranean stuffed layered picnic loaves_goodtoknow_post

These Mediterranean stuffed layered loaves are perfect to bring along to a summer picnic – full of mozzarella and tasty, juicy veg, it’s a really great change from the usual cheese sandwiches. Not only does it taste delicious, it also looks really impressive too, as you can see all the colours from the different veg and mozzarella in all the layers when you cut through.

Make sure you take the time to chill the sandwiches in the fridge for a few hours, as the recipe recommends, because this way the juices from the grilled veg will have time to soak into the bread, not only keeping it extra moist but also adding a really fab flavour to it. This Mediterranean layered sandwich is a great grown-up choice for a picnic, and ideal for sharing with friends! Make the night before so all you need to do is grab them from the fridge before you leave!

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La Pipérade – Basque Omelette / Baskisk Omelett

A recipe from “Fransk Bondekost” (French Farmhouse Cooking) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980
baskisk omelet_post

traditional badge french_flatLa Pipérade, a creamy yet firm and spicy omelette full of fresh vegetables.


Felfela Bil Roz / Stuffed Peppers/ Fylte Paprika

An Egyptian dish found in “God Mat fra Hele Verden” (Nice Food From All Over The World) published by Schibsted in 1971felfel bil roz_post

Stuffed vegetables are common throughout the Balkans and several places in the Middle East. Here is an Egyptian version.


Turkey, Red Pepper and White Cheddar Panini / Kalkun, Rød Paprika og Hvit Cheddar Panini

A recipe found on “Cheesy Panini” published
in the late eighties
667_turkey red pepper and white cheddar panini_intro

I think most countries in the Western World has their version of the grilled cheese sandwich. The Italian call it a Panini, the French a Croque Monsieur. In Norway we call it “Stekt ostesmørbrød” which transelate to the more pedestrian “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” 😉


Shrimp Luncheon Dish / Lunsjrett med Reker

A recipe from “Carefree cooking…Electrically”
published in the late forties

shrimp luncheon dish_post

A lot of producers of electric ovens worked hard trying to make the american housewives convert from gas to electricity in the first golden post-WWII decades. I have several flashy cookbooks and booklets from these companies published in the forties and fifites.


Lenten Dinner Winner / Fastemiddagvinner

A recipe from an ad for Ann Page published in
Life magazine in 1958


Since we’re obviously talking about a winner here, there must have been a competition of some sort. An educated guess would make recipes a fair suggestion 😉


Patio Spectaculars with Foil / Spektakulær Grilling med Folie

A barbecue recipe from an ad for Kaiser’s Foil published in
Life magazine in 1957
patio spectacular_kaisers_foil_LIFE_1957_post

I know it’s winter where most of my visitors live, but there are Aussies dropping by regularly and they practically live on their patios this time of the year. The rest of us will have to wait a while to get the grill out, Folks down under can try this right now – Ted 😉


Bacon potatoes / Baconpoteter

A Yummy potato and bacon recipe found on

091_potatoes ans bacon_post
More potatoes. A yummy blend of potatoes, bacon, peppers and onions. A lovely dish in itself or as an accessory.

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China Chicken With Natural Rice / Kinakylling Med Naturris

A recipe from “Den Nye Maten” (The New Food) published by Aschehoug in 1979

kinakylling med naturris_post

Chinese cuisine is incredibly fresh, elegant and lean. It is just the thing for dietfood that saturates without giving too many calories. Despite all the ingredients this dish is quick to make. Remember to buy the chicken pre-grilled.


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A recipe found on Source: Stavanger Aftenblad

traditional badge2Bacalao is made ​​of Norwegian klippfish and is not really a Norwegian traditional dish in the true sense, but originating from Spain and Portugal. But Norwegian klippfish exporters and sailors learned the to love the dish in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and took the spice that was needed to make bacalao home to the north-western coast of Norway where it eventually became part of the culinary tradition. My x-mother-in-law was from a klippfish exporter family and she made ​​a fantastic bacalao.


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In context911_klippfisk:
Klippfish is a far more refined product than dried fish which is also produced in large quantities in Norway , and should not be confused with this. Dried fish is dried out in the wind, and is not added salt. klippfish is dried indoors now and is always added large amounts of salt.

In Norwegian culture klippfish has an exotic touch. Unlike dried fish, klippfish is a product that was introduced to Norway from abroad. Probably it is the case that Spanish fishermen "invented" klippfish as early as around 1500 as they fished off Newfoundland and needed a preservation method. The North-West coast of Norway on the other hand was ideal for producing klippfish so most klippfish has been produced there for ages now and as you see from the picture it was dried on the rocks along the coast before indoor drying became the standard.

It has been a few comments on the use of the word stockfish for the product in this dish on this post on Facebook and since both Google translator and Wikipedia used the words dried fish and stockfish quite confusing I had to go to to get the translation right and the correct word is “klippfish” so this has now been corrected – Ted

Veal Cacciatora

A recipe from “European Favourites” (Europeiske Favoritter) published by Collins in 1973

veal cacciatore_post_thumb[2]


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Party Jambalaya

A recipe from “Family Circle Casserole Cookbook” published by Family Circle magazine in 1972

party jambalaya_post_thumb[3]



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