Quince and Geranium Jelly / Kvede og Geranium Gelé

A classic English preserve recipe found in
“Harrods Cookery Book” published in 1985

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The golden, down-covered quince changes color when it is cooked to give a pinkish-amber jelly. This autumnal fruit is high in pectin and is therefore ideal for jams, jellies and preserves. For an English touch to a meal, serve with meat or poultry.

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Galia Melon Jam / Nettmelonsyltetøy

A recipe from “Sylting og Dypfrysing” (Jam Making and Deep freezing) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1981melonsyltetøy_post

000_nettmelon_cr_thumb[1]Galia Melon has a distinctive grid pattern on the shell. The shell has a base color that is bright yellow, and the web pattern is gray-white to almost golden brown. Galia Melon is a big and round melon with a yellow and juicy pulp. It is actually somewhat larger than all the other sugar melons and can reach a weight up to 3-4 kg. The taste is aromatic, sweet and delicious.


Homemade Strawberry Jam / Hjemmelaget Jordbærsyltetøy

A simple straightforward Norwegian recipe for
strawberry jam found on frukt.no


Homemade is usually the best, and so it is with strawberry jam too. What’s better than waffles, French toast or fresh bread with homemade strawberry jam?


Apricot and Lavender Compote / Aprikos og Lavendel Kompott

A recipe found on TESCOrealfood
Apricot and lavender compote_realfood-tesco_post


Eat Healthy And Well All Week – Day 5 – Fried Herring With Basil Sauce / Stekt Sild Med Basilikumsaus

A recipe from “Hverdagsmat” (Everyday Food) published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1979

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“Hverdagsmat” feature a full week’s dinner menu of healthy and nice tasting food and this week I’ll post one each day – Ted



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Plum-Peach Tarts – Plomme Og Fersken Terter

A recipe from “Knudsen Recipes” published by Knudsen Dairy Products in the sixties

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Plum-Peach Tarts make a grand finale to a guest dinner. A fluff of Sour cream Cream adds the crowning touch.



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Wiener Schnitzel – Breaded, Fried Veal From Austria

A recipe from “Berømte Retter” (Famous Dishes) published by Ernst G Mortensen in 1970

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Vienna allege – and not without reason – that the real Wiener Schnitzel is only available in Vienna. Maybe the Vienna air is an essential part of this course . Elsewhere, one very often get served Wiener Schnitzel as a thick piece of tough meat that has very little to do with the original. If you follow this recipe you should , however, get the right result. In it’s  hometown the schnitzel is sometimes placed momentarily in a cloth before it is served. The reason for this is a Vienna proverb, which says that the real Wiener Schnitzel should be so free of grease, that a lady should be able to sit on it wearing her best dress, without getting grease stains on it.


Jam Cake

A recipe from Delicious Dairy Dishes published in 1936


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