Medieval Monday – Apple Puffs / Eplemosdessert

A Stuart era dessert/snack recipe found on CookIt!
Medieval M0nday - Apple Puffs / Eplemosdessert

In Stuart times, cooking methods were much as they had been for centuries.  Most food was still cooked over open fires, outdoors as much as possible, otherwise the houses became filled with smoke and the danger from fire was much greater.

Spit roasts were improved and became easier to use, otherwise trivets for frying and cooking pots for boiling were the main cooking methods.

This recipe is simple but nutritious, using eggs and apples, both of which were easily obtained in the countryside where most people still lived. The addition of raisins and ginger (both imported from abroad) were too expensive for most ordinary people, and used sparingly even by the better off.

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Calumet Cream Puffs / Calumet Vannbakkels

A recipe from the “Calumet Cook Book” published in 1921
Calumet Cream Puffs / Calumet Vannbakkels

Back in my childhood cream puffs, particularly cream puff wreaths, were regarded as just about the most delicious kind of pastries one could be served. But as I’ve told you before, little Ted had a sweet tooth the size of a small South American country and as you will notice, the recipe contains no sugar. My old female relatives who were famous for their cream puffs were even stingy with the sugar in the whipped cream.

As our family were on our way to visit one of these old stingy bats little Ted was praying for anything but cream puffs. But what do you think happened.  Those old bats always had to show off with their damned cream puffs. The fifties were hard I tell you, just ask anyone who was there – Ted   😉

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Éclairs au Jambon – Petits-Choux with Ham Filling / Petits-Choux med Skinkefyll

A classic French recipe from “Fransk Kjøkken på Sitt Beste” (French Kitchen at Its Best) published by
Den Norske Bokklubben in 1977

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traditional badge french_flatThis dish is a speciality at the Marine Hotel. The hotel is huddled between the magnificent Pont de Tancarville and a crumbling chalk cliff, crowned by a fortress from the 1100s. Outside the windows the lively traffic on the Seine glides past and makes a wonderful accompaniment to the meal.


Peaches in Dressing Gowns / Ferskener i Slåbrok

A fancy dessert cake recipe found in “Dessertkaker”
(Dessert Cakes) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980
ferskner i slåbrok_post

Now a days you can get fresh peaches at almost any well stocked grocers most pleaces, but still, canned peaches are prefered by many both for baking as well as for desserts. Perhaps, at least for people my age, they bring such nice childhood memories of those golden half globes topped with sweetened whipped cream for Sunday desserts –Ted


Kapuziner Puffs / Kapuzinere

A recipe for some delicious small Danish puffs found in
the international food encyclopedia “Menu” published by
Lademann in 1976