Loudoun’s Apple Pudding / Loudouns Eplepudding

An 18th centure dessert recipe found on evolutionarypie.com
Loudoun’s Apple Pudding / Loudouns Eplepudding

Karen Hammonds who runs https://revolutionarypie.com writes: John Campbell Loudoun’s apple pudding recipe first caught my eye because it was written in verse. A rarity today, rhyming recipes were common in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when they were supposedly used by housewives to help them remember recipes. Loudoun’s poem, attributed to him by Kristie Lynn and Robert Pelton, authors of The Early American Cookbook, is much older, dating back to the 18th century.

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Chinese Pears / Kinesiske Pærer

A classic French dessert recipe found in “Mat For Alle Årstider”
(Food For All Seasons) published by Det Beste in 1977
Chinese Pears / Kinesiske Pærer

Pears, Raisins, hazelnuts, honey, golden syrup, white wine and redcurrant jelly sounds like a match made in heaven for anyone who regard the dessert as the highlight of the meal. Someone like me – Ted  😉

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Chocolate Custard / Vaniljesaus med Sjokoladesmak

A custard recipe found in “32 Entirely New & Original Lutona Cocoa Recipes” published by E & S Jt C.W.S Ltd in the 1930s.
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Text from the booklet: Everyone knows that the most nourishing, most sustaining and appetising hot beverage in the world is Cocoa.

Everyone knows it as a beverage that may be freely partaken of at any time of the day by children and adults alike, without fear of indigestion or ill effects.

But the Cocoa you drink must be the best. and there is no finer Cocoa in all the world than Lutona.

Lutona is made from the choicest varieties of cocoas grown under ideal conditions and matured in Society’s own Depots in West Africa.

Every phase of its manufacture is under the direct control of the Society and the most rigid precautions are taken to ensure that the natural purity and full food value of the cocoa are retained.

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Rum and Walnut Gugelhopf / Rom og Valnøtt Gugelhopf

A classic cake recipe found in
“Harrods Cookery Book” published in 1985

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The name Gugelhopf, or Kugelhopf, is derived from the shape of the fluted ring mold used, kugel meaning ball. This recipe has been adapted to be made in a bundt pan.


Welsh Cakes / Walisiske Kaker

A traditional British recipe originally brought
to you by picturebritaln.com

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From the land that brought you the unforgettable village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndro-bwllllantysiliogogogoch comes a tasty treat that has been described as a cross between a fruit scone and a pancake. Welsh Cakes (bakestones or picau ar y maen in Wales) are made from flour, sultanas, raisins, and/or currants, and may be seasoned with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. A couple of inches in diameter and half and inch thick, these little cakes are lightly dusted with caster sugar before being gobbled up by Welsh boys and girls.


Good Neighbour Brunch / Brunch med Gode Naboer

A menu suggestion and a recipe from an ad for
French’s Mustard published in LIFE magazine in 1957



Red Current Chutney / Ripschutney

A fresh, acidic chutney found on frukt.no 249_ripschutney_post

Red currents is very well suited for chutney with its pronounced and sour taste. Red current chutney is a spicy accessories for Asian food and tastes great alongside matured cheeses.

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