Party Cake With Biscuits / Festkake Med Kjeks

A no baking cake found on “Kaker Til kaffen”
(Cakes For The Coffee)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979
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A great no baking party cake that you prepare a day in advance and just garnish before the guests arrive.

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Pancakes With Chocolate Cream / Pannekaker Med Sjokoladekrem

A dessert recipe found on “Sjokolade” (Chocolate)
published by Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1984
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I mean, who doesn’t like pancakes. And who doesn’t like oranges and chocolate cream. Combined the three makes a heavenly dessert.


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Queen Of Sheba Cake / Dronningen Av Saba Kake

A juicy and rich chocolate cake found on 181_dronningen av saba kake_post

Most accounts of the Queen of Sheba’s visit to King Solomon speak of their interaction as strictly platonic – a matter of state and trade agreements, nothing about seduction. It’s hard to see how that’s possible if this rich, dense, chocolate cake named in her honour was amongst the gifts she brought to the King. It remains a mystery how this cake is actually connected to its namesake, but it’s so delicious you too would give the Queen “whatsoever she desired” (1 Kings 10:13) once you had a bite.

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Cumberland Rum Nicky / Pai Med Rom Fra Cumberland

A traditional British pie recipe found on BBC/Food175_cumberland-rum-nicky_post

175_paul hollywoodPaul Hollywood from Paul Hollywood’s Pies & Puds writes: This traditional northern treat is a real favourite of mine. It’s stuffed with sticky dates and treacly brown sugar and laced with ginger and rum. ‘Nicky’ may stem from the original technique of covering the filling with a whole piece of pastry then making slashes or ‘nicks’ in it.

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Hot Red Wine And Rum Punch / Varm Rødvin Og Rom Punsj

A rather fancy hot punch recipe from “Festmat” (Party Food) published byHjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980

Varm punch-bowl_post

A great recipe for a hot red wine and rum party punch with a rather fancy at the table serving procedure. Just the thing for impressing you boss are those down the nose in-laws 😉

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Coffee Punch / Kaffepunch

A strong Danish Christmas coffee punch from
“MENU Juleretter” (MENU Christmas Dishes) published by
Lademann in 1976

Few people in this world drink more coffee than Scandinavians. Norwegians are No 2 in the world, only beaten by the Fins. In Norway this has among other things to do with a very strong religious temperance movement in the late 19th and early 20th century. Vast quantities of coffee is still consumed in the different Houses of Prayers around the country and numerous local coffee shops can save the rest of us if the coffee hunger should hit us out of doors.

With a relation to coffee like this it is now wonder that coffee have a large place in our Christmas traditions as well and to day I’m posting to different Christmas recipes where coffee plays a major role.

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Plums In Rum / Plommer I Rom

A desert recipe found at dansukker.no027_plum_in_rhum_post

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Old fashioned Rum Pudding / Aleksandrapudding

A recipe for a traditional desert from

traditional badge2_thumb[1]In the old days, rum was often used as an ingredient in desserts. If there was a party at a farm rum pudding was often served. Try this variation of the pudding with delicious cherry sauce!

This is a Norwegian version of the Danish rum pudding I posted a few weeks ago. Deserts in the old days here in Norway were very often dairy based. Milk, cream, sour cream or lesser known local variations. And most large farms at least had an orchard and rows of berry bushes. Even wealthy farmers never bought more then they had to.


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Old Danish Rum Pudding – Gammeldags Dansk Rompudding

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Rum Babas

A recipe from “Good  Housekeeping – Cookery Book” published by  Ebury Press in 1976. The Book was first published in 1948

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