“Stompa” – Swedish Pan Fried Bread / Stekpannebröd

A quickly made Swedish pan fried bread recipe
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This is a super nice pan fried bread done with baking soda. The dough do not need to rise, just roll out the dough in rounds and place in the frying pan.

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Rustic French Honey Cake / Rustikk Fransk Honningkake

A classic French cake recipe found on food52.com
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This cake is only slightly sweet. It is a cake that answers the age old question, “Is it ok to put a slab of butter on my cake?” with a definitive yes. The cake is great in the afternoon with an espresso and if it is a Saturday you might even attempt an armagnac, cognac or a sweet walnut liqueur. If you just can’t help yourself you could also add another 1/8 cup of honey.

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Thin Rye Bread / Tynne Rugbrød

A traditional Norwegian bread recipe found in “Mat til Hverdag
og Fest” (Food for Everydays and Parties) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb

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These are traditional Norwegian crispy thin bread. Often served buttered with traditional soups or casseroles. They can also be eaten buttered and spread with cheese.

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Nice Wholegrain Bread / Fint Helkornbrød

A delicious bread recipe found on brodogkorn.no
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Wholegain bread is a juicy and good bread with whole wheat grains, rye flour, honey and flour. It works nicely as an accompaniment to soup and other dinner dishes.


The Farmer’s Everyday Bread / Bondens Hverdagsbrød

A recipe for wholesome bread found on joker.no211_bondens hverdagsbrød_post

The farmer’s daily bread is a healthy whole meal bread made with wheat and rye. A wise choices in life.


Finnish Rye Bread / Finsk Rugbrød

A traditional Finnish recipe found on aperitif.no
Finsk rugbrød_post

There are a multitude of recipes for round flat bread like this to be found all over Scandinavia. Some made with wholemeal flour and some with finer flour like these ones. If you’ve followed this blog for a while you will have come across a few of them all ready -Ted 🙂


Swiss Peasant Bread / Sveitsisk Bondebrød

A classic bread recipe from “Mat for Hverdag og Fest”
(Food for Every Days and Parties) published by
Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1984
svetsisk bondebrød_post

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Danish Sandwich Bread / Dansk Siktebrød

A lovely bread recipe from tine.no
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The Danes are big on bread, and our neighbors to the south is known for their excellent bakers. Here is a recipe for a traditional Danish bread often used for those fabelous Danish openfaced sandwiches, and it tastes great.


Fine Wholegrain Bread / Fint Helkornbrod

A recipe for a nice juicy bread found on brodogkorn.no568_Fint Helkornbrød_post

A juicy and nice bread with whole grains.

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Rye Buns / Rugboller

Classic Norwegian rye buns found on tine.no222_Rugboller_post

Put these lovely rye buns on a plate on the lunch table, or make sandwiches with your favourite spread for a nice picnic. You can impress with these “wholesome” buns this weekend.

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Rolls With Yogurt / Rundstykker Med Yoghurt

Wholesome rolls with yogurt found on brodogkorn.no565_Rundstykker med yoghurt_post

Exciting rolls made with barley, wheat, rye and yogurt. Freeze them and serve hot and fresh for Sunday breakfast.

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Viking Crisp Bread / Viking Knekkebrød

A Viking recipe found on ribevikingcenter.dk539_viking crisp bread_post

Tasty crackers, crisp bread, flatbread, wheat loaf and rye loaf baked over the fire or in the oven were served with homemade butter, cheese, honey and ham. It smells fantastic and tastes even better.

Here is a Vikings recipe for crisp bread which are easily altered if you prefer baking your bread in a modern oven. Still, why not try bread making over a fire in the garden or on the grill on the terrace.

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Swiss Peasant Bread / Sveitsisk Bondebrød

A classic Swiss rye bread found on tine.no227_Sveitsisk bondebrød_post

Swiss peasant bread goes very well with soups and salads, but is almost unbeatable baked for en evening meal with a little butter and some Swiss cheese. Rye makes bread extra juicy and durable.

Tip: A fun way to let the loaves rise is to put them in a basket so they get a patterned from the weave in the basket. Brush loaves and sprinkle a lot of flour in the basket before you put the dough in it to rise. Make sure you have enough flour so the dough does not cling to the basket as you vault loaves out.

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Swedish Rye Cakes / Svenske Rugkaker

A traditional Swedish cake recipe found on tine.no226_Svenske rugkaker_post

Rug is a cereal that provides a rich, juicy flavour, and bread baked with rye has a longer shelf life. These rye cakes are from a very old Swedish recipe and are great to serve piping hot with butter, cheese or jam with a cup of tea or coffee. They are also well suited to serve with a soup or a good salad.

Bye the way, the whole in the middle of the cakes were for putting a wooden rod through them and hanging them from the roof to keep them away from mice and rats.

Tip: There are a lot of good bread you can bake with rye. There are both coarser to finer mill qualities. If you find rye bread a bit heavy and compact, try baking it with sourdough.

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Wholemeal Rye Bread With Syrup / Grovt Rugbrød Med Sirup

A traditional Norwegian bread recipe from allers.no160_grovbroed med sirup_post

In the old days both dark beer and dark syrup were commonly used in bread dough here in Norway. It made the bread both taste better and stay fresh longer. Bread like this is specially well suited for serving with pickled or potted herring.

My mother often had dark syrup in the dough when she baked bread when I was a kid. I was not particularly fond of it then, but I am now. Sorry Mum – Ted

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