Scottish Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce / Skotsk Laks med Hollandaise Saus

A Scottish dinner recipe from “Kullinarisk Pass”
(Culinary Passport) published by Tupperware in 1970
Scottish Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce / Skotsk Laks med Hollandaise Saus

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Smoked Salmon and Watercress Wraps / Røkelaks- og Brønnkarseruller

A peppery canapé recipe found on
Smoked Salmon and Watercress Wraps / Røkelaks- og Brønnkarseruller

Creamy, with a hint of spice, these smoked salmon wraps are topped with sprigs of watercress for a peppery finish.


Roasted Salmon With Maitre d’Hotel Butter / Ristet Laks med Maitre d’Hôtel-Smør

A classic Norwegian restaurant dish found in “Festmat”
(Partyfood) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1992
Roasted Salmon With Maitre d’Hotel Butter / Ristet Laks med Maitre d’Hôtel-Smør


Finnish Salmon Tartar / Finsk Laksetartar

A starter recipe found in “Internasjonale Retter med Norsk Fisk” (International dishes with Norwegian Fish) published
by Wennergren – Cappelen in 1987

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This is not tartars in the real sense of the word as tartars should be made with raw ingredients. Neither cured salmon nor smoked salmon is what one would call raw as both has been through a treatment process. Atleast seen with Scandinavian eyes, that is not raw fish. On the other hand, who cares, it looks deliciuos – Ted


Darne de Saumon à la Béarnaise – Grilled Salmon Steaks Béarnaise / Grillede Laksesteker med Béarnaise

A great lunch recipe from “Robert Carrier’s Kitchen Cook Book” published in 1980
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This is a spectacular dish for a summer lunch party, when the salmon can be grilled in the traditional way over charcoal while the sauce (made in advance indoors), is kept warm over hot water.


Salmon Rolls / Lakseruller

A recipe from “Småretter og Salater” (Snacks and Salads)
published by Lademann in 1975


Serve the salmon rolls  as a starter with toast or with warm
baguettes and butter.


Traditional Salmon with Cucumber Salad and Horseradish Cream / Tradisjonell Laks med Agurksalat og Pepperrotkrem

A classic recipe found on godfisk.no576_Tradisjonell laks med agurksalat og pepperrotkrem_post

A good recipe does not have to take hours to create. This is a dish that will impress with its simple and fresh flavors.

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Earl Grey Cured Salmon with Hollandaise / Earl Grey Gravet Laks med Hollandaise

A new take on the gravlax found on grey cured salmon with hollandaise_goodhousekeeping_post

The floral flavours of Earl Grey tea work wonders with the richness of the salmon. Pressing it under a weight firms up the fish, making slicing easy.


Salmon Mousse with Cold Sauces / Laksemousse med Kalde Sauser

A starter recipe found in “Forretter” (Starters) published
by Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1979

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Salmon Rose with Chopped Shrimps / Lakserose med Rekehakk

A recipe from “Spennende Mat” (Exiting Food)
published in 1980
lakserose med rekehakk_post

An excellent appetizer. The beautiful colours presenting a prelude to a real banquet. And it tastes delicious, no doubt, with such lovely ingredients.


Crispy Salmon Fishcakes with Herb Butter Sauce / Sprø Fiskekaker av Laks med Urtesmørsaus

A nice starter recipe found on
Crispy salmon fishcakes with herb butter sauce_goodhousekeeping_post

These fishcakes are perfect to cook and freeze in batches. This recipe is ideal to serve as a starter with salad leaves and a herb butter sauce.


Gravlax / Gravet Laks

A traditional Scandinavian lunch/starter  from “Sommermat”
(Summer Food) published by
Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1979

gravet laks_post

Remember that in in addition to salmon, you can cure halibut, trout, mackerel, herring and other types of fish too.


Salmon Casserole / Lax I Gryta

A recipe from “Kunglig Spis” (Royal Stove) by Håkan Håkansson published by LTs Förlag in 1982

lax i gryta_post
Håkan Håkanson_imgDuring the 2nd World War, Håkan Håkansson survived passing German  mines and submarines, came to London and started as a chef at the Swedish Embassy. There he met Prince Bertil, who was naval attaché, and a long culinary collaboration began.

After the war, Håkan Håkansson followed the Prince back home and became court cook, first at the Royal Palace, then at the Prince’s Villa Solbacka at Djurgården. Håkan Håkansson also followed the Prince on numerous trips down to Villa Mirage on the Riviera.

Most of the recipes in “Kunglig Spis” are derived from Håkan Håkansson and Prince Bertil’s joint experimentation in the kitchen. And the result is a treasure trove for anyone who likes to cook and eat good food!

And from now on my visitors can eat food right from the “royal stove” through these recipes – Ted

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Steamed Salmon With Cucumber Salad And Sandefjord Butter / Kokt Laks Med Agurksalat Og Sandefjordsmør

Recipes from “Opplysningskontoret for Egg og Kjøtt” (The information Office for Egg and Meat) found at – Photo: Mari Svenningsen,


traditional badge2_thumb[1]Steamed salmon is part of the bedrock of Norwegian dinner traditions. The dish is so absolutely party food and have become the dinner table symbol for the 17th of May, our National Day. With the fish slice, beautiful coral red in colour it is also pleasing to the eye as it is lay there alongside the cucumber salad, potatoes and the golden Sandefjord butter.


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Cold Boiled Salmon / Kald Kokt Laks

A recipe from “Cattelins Kokebok” (Cattelin’s Cook Book) published by Den Norske Bokklubb in 1977

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Cattelin’s is one of the best and most reasonably priced restaurants in Stockholm. It has survived wars, disasters, and changing tastes, and still manages to pack ‘em in, so they must be doing something right. Read morehere and here.


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