Kinafa – Traditional Lebanese Sweet Breakfast / Tradisjonelle Libanesiske Søt Frokokst

A popular Lebanese breakfast dish fould on – Traditional Lebanese Sweet Breakfast / Tradisjonelle Libanesiske Søt Frokokst

Kinafa is a traditional Lebanese sweet that’s popular for breakfast, mainly on Sundays. Usually the whole family gathers to enjoy this warm dish for a lazy and rich breakfast.

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Rustic Sicilian Bread / Rustikk Siciliansk Brød

A classic Mediterranean bread recipe found on BBC good foodRustic bread_post

This is a traditional Italian bread that you can make in the morning
to get a little ahead.

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Semolina Porridge / Mannagrynsgröt

A Swedish breakfast porridge found on

Porridge made from semolina is great with cold milk, cinnamon, sugar, applesauce, jams, nuts, fruit salad or seeds. Semolina is the small grains from the innermost part of the wheat.

This kind of porridge is popular for breakfast in Scandinavia not least among childeren. Semolina porridge is particularly popular in Sweden.


Khobz – Moroccan Bread / Marokkanske Brød

A traditional Moroccan bread recipe found on
Moroccan bread (khobz)_sbs-com-au_post_thumb[2]

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatThe use of two types of semolina in this recipe gives the bread its distinctive texture, but you can just also substitute the plain flour and experiment with spelt, millet or buckwheat flours.


The King’s Pudding / Kongens Pudding

A royal recipe found in “Mat for Ølvenner”
(Food for Beer Lovers) published by Aventura in 1987

kongens pudding_page

All dishes with royal titles sounds noble. I do not know which king has lend his title to this dish, but it is good enough in any case, as a dessert for the bourgeoisie as well.


Russian Dessert / Russedessert

A traditional Norwegian dessert recipe found in
“Gode Gamle Oppskrifter” (Good Old recipes) by Ingrid Espelid published by Gyldendal in 1991

traditional badge norwegian_flatThey knew how to make much out of a little in the old days. It only took some cordial, water, a little sugar and semolina to make a large bowl of delicious dessert. Just check it out!


Semolina Pudding With Raspberry Broth / Semulepudding Med Bringebærbuljong

A new take on a traditional Norwegian dessert
found in REMA 1000’s booklet
“Sjømat På Sitt Beste” (Seafood At its Best
)189_semulepudding med bringebærbuljong_post

A traditional Norwegian dessert with a modern twist.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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