Chicken Suprême / Kylling Suprême

An exciting chicken recipe found in “Fjærfe på Menyen”
(Poultry on the Menu) published by
Den Norske Bokklubben i 1984

Chicken Suprême / Kylling Suprême

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Pasta Con I Fagioli – Soup with White Beans and Noodles / Suppe med Hvite Bønner og Nudler

A classic soup recipe found in “Ganske Enkelt -Italiensk Kokebok” (Quite Simply – Italian Cook Book)
published by Notabene Forlag in 1995

Pasta Con I Fagioli – Soup with White Beans and Noodles / Suppe med Hvite Bønner og Nudler

I love working with cookbooks with thumbnails like in this one, but
I really shouldn’t because it means a lot more work. I have build the final image out of one large, four small ones and add the numbers on top. Takes about three times as long as preparing a single picture
for posting. But I’m a designer and our minds don’t work like
normal people’s does

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Danish Cream Truffles / Flødetrøfler

A classic Danish creamy truffle recipe suitable for both the
populace in general and the connoisseurs found on


Christmas holds the perfect excuse for anyone with a sweet tooth. Here you have a classic that satisfies both sweet lovers in general and the connoisseurs.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_dan_flagg Opskrift på dansk

Recipe posted at:
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Creole Spaghetti Stew

A recipe from  “Specialities Of The House” published in the sixties


A spaghetti dinner with full-bodied flavour in spite of the short, short cooking time. As prepared by  Margaret E Terrell at the University of Washington, Seattle,  Washington.



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Sash Spaghetti with Ham Sauce

 A recipe from “Småretter” (Snacks) published by a family magazine book club in 1979

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