Hot Gipsy Tartlets / Varme Sigøyner-Tarteletter

A traditional gipsy recipe found in “Matglede Som Aldri Før”
(Joy of Food Like Never Before) published by
Scandinavisk Presse in 1977

Hot Gipsy Tartlets / Varme Sigøyner-Tarteletter

Gypsy cuisine has been called “the little known soul food”. Gypsies have a rich and complicated identity and history, which is reflected in the delicious complexity of the food, and, like most things, it’s a lot better when you understand it. First, the word “Gypsy” is the term that gadjé (Rromanes for non-Romani people) have used to refer to Roma, the ethnic group originating in India around the eleventh century.

Gypsies divide food into two categories: “ordinary” and “auspicious” or “lucky” (baxtalo). Auspicious foods are believed to be particularly healthy for the body and soul, and these beliefs are likely rooted in Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine that uses food, herbs, and yogic breathing to balance the body.

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Medieval Monday – Ember Day Tarts / Emberdags Terter

A meat free fasting day tart recipe found on
headingMedieval Monday - Ember Day Tarts / Emberdags Terter

Four times every year in the Catholic calendar, there were “Ember Days” – consisting of a Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday – when meat was forbidden. Cheese and eggs, however, were allowed. An ‘Ember Day Tart’ therefore was a filling dish served instead of meat on these fasting days. The tarts in the recipe are a little like a sweet quiche.

The recipe uses galingale, it is well worth finding some as its aromatic taste is not easily replaced. You can use ginger as a substitute but this will give heat rather than a more rounded flavour.

The recipe was originally written down as follows:

‘Tart in embre day: take and parboile onynons; presse out the water & hewe hem smale;take brede & bray it in a mortar,and temper it up with ayren; do perto butter, safron, spice and salt and corans & a ltel sugar with powdor douce, and bake it in a trap,& serve it forth.’

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The 1912 Titanic Lemon Tart / Titanic Sitronterte fra 1912

A historic tart recipe found on World Turn’d Upside Down
The 1912 Titanic Lemon Tart / Titanic Sitronterte fra 1912

Stephanie Ann Farra who runs ‘World Turn’d Upside Down‘ writes: The Challenge: “Foods served at notable events in history.

What kind of food was served at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth? What did Benjamin Franklin eat at the Constitutional Convention? Find a food item that was served at a notable event in history, research the recipe, and recreate the dish.”

Stephanie chose the lemon tart served the first class
passangers on Titatic

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Crostata Dolce di Ricotta – Italian Curd Tart / Italiensk Osteterte

A delicious Italian tart recipe from “The Sainsbury
Book of Italian Cooking” published in 1979

Crostata Dolce di Ricotta – Italian Curd Tart / Italiensk Osteterte

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Gâteau Basque d’Itxassou – Basque Cherry Tart / Baskisk Kirsebærterte

A delicious dessert recipe found in “Robert Carrier’s Kitchen
Cook Book” published in1980
basque cherry tart_post

Traditional gâteau basque is a tart of unusual, cake-like pastry filled with crème pâtissière and the exquisitely  flavoured cherries of the ltxassou region – Substitute 700 g /1 1/2 lb canned Morello cherries if you wish, removing the stones and drying the fruit well with absorbent paper.

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15th Century Tarte Owt of Lente / 1500talls Terte Upassende for Fasten

A historic tart recipe found on Turnspit & Table
Medieval Monday_heading15th Century Tarte Owt of Lente_post

Kim who runs ‘Turnspit & Table’ writes: The first thing to decide in this recipe is what type of cheese to use. I decided to go with ricotta, and that meant that I had to change the proportions of other ingredients quite a bit so that the mixture wasn’t too liquid.

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Cauliflower Tart / Blomkålterte

A nice lunch recipe found in “Sommermat” (Summer Food)
published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979

I readily admit that cauliflower is not one of my favourite vegetables, but I really think I might enjoy this tart. The cheesy sauce might just do the trick. And well, tarts are tarts, aren’t they – Ted


Tarte au Jambon – Ham Tart / Skinketerte

A recipe from “Fransk Bondekost” (French Farmhouse Cooking) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980

It is not correct to use the term “fine cooking” about French farmhouse cooking. It is more a natural part of life. There is no Machiavellian refinements or superfluous embellishments. Just honest, good, simple ingredients that makes tasty dishes that suit the season, climate and work.


Chinese Egg Tarts / Kinesiske Eggeterter

A classic Chinese recipe found on
Egg tarts_sbs-com-au_post

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatThese Chinese tarts feature a very soft, light custard and a delicate, crumbly pastry that melts in your mouth. You will need a 12-hole (⅓-cup capacity) muffin pan for this recipe.


Cheese and Chive Tart / Ost og gressløk Terte

A classic picnic recipe found on
Cheese and chive tart_goodhousekeeping_post

traditional badge picnic_flatThis delicious and easy cheese and chive tart tart makes for the perfect buffet or picnic food.


Russian Apple Tart / Russisk Epleterte

A recipe from “Dessertkaker” (Dessert Cakes) published by
Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980
russisk epleterte_post

A shortcrust pastry tart filled with apples and raisins drizzled with demerara sugar, who can resist something like that – Ted 🙂


Golden Treasure Tarts / Golden Treasure Terter

A recipe from an ad for Golden Medal Flour & Fluffo Shortning
published in LIFE magazine in 1955

golden treasure tarts_golden medal & golden fluffo_LIFE_1955_post


Ice Cream and Raspberry Tartlets / Småterter med Is og Bringebær

A recipe from “Cookery In Colour” by Margeurite Patten
published in 1960
ice cream and raspberr tartlests_post

This book is a marvelous example of the early stages of off-set printing. The colours are so intense that the images seems almost larger than life – Ted


The Bakewell Tart / Bakewell Terter

A delicious traditional English tart recipe from
320_The Bakewell Tart_post

The girl who runs picturebritain writes: The Bakewell Tart (not quite the same as a Bakewell pudding) is a delicious, flaky, buttery, jammy British treat. Simple to make and lovely as one large tart or in individual servings, this sounds like a beautiful dessert or afternoon treat.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

Recipe posted at:
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As far as I can make out, the Bakewell Tart has a rather mysterious past. But the story of its origins that is most widely circulated is that long ago in the town of Bakewell, Derbyshire, the landlady of the White Horse Inn (now the Rutland Arms Hotel) instructed her cook to make a pudding for their guests–an egg mixture (plus a secret ingredient) spread over a pastry crust and covered with jam. The muddleheaded cook messed it up, though, and put the jam on the bottom instead. The landlady was probably pretty miffed, but the guests raved and thus was born the Bakewell Tart in all of its almond and raspberry jam glory.

Strawberry Tart With Cream Sauce / Jordbærterte Med Kremsaus

A recipe from “Sommermat” (Summer food) published by Hjemmet’s kokebokklubb in 1979

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