Pan-fried Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich / Pannestekt Kalkun, Brie og Tyttebærsandwich

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Anything containing cranberry sauce or jam will sound downright mouthwatering to any Scandinavian, we grew up on the stuff after all. Meatballs without cranberryjam for instance will sound like a monstrosity to most of us. So these sandwiches would go down well around our neck of the woods too – Ted

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Turkey, Red Pepper and White Cheddar Panini / Kalkun, Rød Paprika og Hvit Cheddar Panini

A recipe found on “Cheesy Panini” published
in the late eighties
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I think most countries in the Western World has their version of the grilled cheese sandwich. The Italian call it a Panini, the French a Croque Monsieur. In Norway we call it “Stekt ostesmørbrød” which transelate to the more pedestrian “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” 😉


The Monte Cristo Sandwich / Monte Cristo Sandwichen

A classic hot sandwich recipe from LostRecipesFound186_monte cristo sandwich_post

Ham, turkey and melted cheese on egg-dipped, butter-crisped white bread, the Monte Cristo sandwich made waitressing at the local Denny’s in that godawful brown polyester uniform, almost worth it. Perhaps because the fried bread’s a lot like French toast, “The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures” puts the Monte Cristo in that “strange netherworld between breakfast and lunch,” making it perfect for Hobbit “elevensies.”

Most basically an Americanized Croque Monsieur, the Monte Cristo is purported to have first appeared under that menu moniker in 1950s 186_monte cristo sandwich2California. Disney started serving it in 1966 at its Blue Bayou and Tahitian Terrace restaurants on New Orleans Square in Disneyworld, and chain-restaurants popularized it ever after. Lost Recipes Found’s triple-decker version riffs on a Los Angeles recipe that Gourmet magazine ran in 1968, in response to a reader request.

Since The Monte Cristo Sandwich is mentioned in “The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures” that was my book suggestion yesterday I found it just right for today’s second recipe post – Ted

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Cranberry & Port Gravy / Tyttebær & Portvinsaus

A tasty Christmas gravy found on TescoRealFood103_cranberry and port gravy_post

This recipe is based on turkey, but I guess it would be delicious with the Scandinavian Christmas diners done the same way as well, both the Danish goose or duck, the Swedish glazed ham and the Norwegian pork ribs. All of them leave a lot of tasty juices in the roasting tray, and we Scandinavians are after all crazy about cranberry jam – Ted

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Chopstick Pork & Turkey Ramekins

A recipe from Family Circle’s “Casserole Cookbook” published in 1972

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Chopstick Pork, an oriental-style dream dinner mixing pork, fruits, and vegetables to perfection in one big dish; Turkey Ramekins, in individual broiler-proof servers. Crisp-cooked vegetables and mellow fruits in a sweet-sour sauce frame soy-seasoned pork



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Bombay Turkey

A recipe from “Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Card Library”
published in 1973


Start with a chicken broth-based sauce flavoured with curry and onion, then add cooked turkey and a little shredded lemon peel. The result; Bombay Turkey. To serve, spoon the creamed mixture over fluffy hot cooked rice that has been mixed with cashews and pimiento pieces.