Champignons à la Greque

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The restaurant chefs writes: In our opinion, an excellent way to treat champignons. The dish may be made well in advance. They keep well in the refrigerator.

Note that the mushrooms must not boil for too long. They should provide some resistance when you bite into them. It’s a part of the idea with à la greque.

250 g [0,55 lb] fresh mushrooms, small whole ones
2 tablespoons oil
1 dl [0,2 pt] dry white wine
1 dl [0,2 pt] water
1 tbsp whole coriander
1 heaped tbsp tomato puree
a few drops of lemon juice
salt and pepper
1 tsp arrowroot or cornstarch


[1] Wash the mushrooms and cook them in oil, water, wine added tomatpuréen and coriander. Boil them in 5-7 minutes till the softenes but don’t get too soft.

[2] Put them into a bowl.

[3] Thicken the sauce with arrowroot or cornstarch stirred in a little cold water. Season with salt, pepper and lemon.

[4] Pour the sauce over the mushrooms and let them cool.

4 servings