Cheesy Potatoes

A quick potato recipe found  in  “Mat for Travle” (Food for
People in a Hurry) published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1982

Cheesy Potatoes

4 servings
Preparation: 5 min.
Cooking time: 5-10 min.
Can not be frozen.

8-10 boiled potatoes, in slices
2 onions
2 tablespoons butter/oil
salt and pepper
About 100 g [3,5 oz] of neutral cream cheese


[1] Cut the peeled onion into rings and fry them in butter and oil together with the potato slices.

[2] Turn the heat down a little, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and spread the cheese on top.

[3] Put the lid on the pan and leave it over the heat until the cheese has melted. Serve freshly cooked with fried chicken, smoked meat, sausages or smoked fish.