Cherry liqueur


You need:
1 kg [2,2 pounds] cherries
1 kg [2,2 pounds] demerera sugar
2 nutmegs
6-8 allspice berries
10-12 cherry pits
Good quality 100 proof vodka

Put the cherries in a large glass jar. Crush the nutmegs, allspice berries and cherry pits with a hammer and put them on top of the cherries. Pour in the sugar and close the glass jar tightly. Turn the jar once each day until the sugar has turned to syrup (This may take several weeks even months, but it is important).

When the sugar has dissolved completely pour it carefully out of the jar, measure it and pour it back in the jar. Add the same measure of 100 proof vodka. Turn the jar a couple of times to mix the the cherry syrup and vodka and let the jar stand untouched for at least one month (in my family it is left standing till the day before Christmas when it is poured into bottles and labelled, and tasted of course). The longer the jar is left standing the longer the liquid will infuse with the spices and cherries, and the deeper colour it will get.

The cherries left in the jar can be used as cocktail berries or as garnish on cakes or deserts, but remember, they contain 100 proof vodka so popping a couple of dozens will render you unfit for driving and most other complicated operations 😉

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