Chinese Pears

Chinese Pears

This sweet and rich dessert is originally French, despite the name. Choose low, round pears to make this dessert.

6 servings
Preparation: 35 min.
Cooking time: 35 min.

6 large, ripe pears
100 g [3,5 oz] seedless raisins
100 g [3,5 oz] hazelnut kernels
3 dl [0,6 pt] honey
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
1 1/4 dl [0,25 pt] dry white wine
3 dl [0,6 pt] golden syrup (Lyle’s or similar)
150 g [5,3 oz] currants jelly


[1] Peel the pears and cut off a small slice in the thickest end of all the pears to make them stand properly. Cut off a 2-2 1/2 cm / 3/4-1 in high cap at the other end, and scrap out cores and seeds. Roughly chop the raisins and nuts. Mix them with honey, and fill the mixture into the cavities in the pears. Put the caps back on.

[2] Grease a high baking dish and place the pears in the mould. If there is anything left of honey mixture, put this in the dish around the pears. Pour wine over and put the lid on the dish, or cover it with aluminum foil. Place the dish on the middle rack in the oven, previously heated to 175° C / 345° F. Bake for 30 minutes, or till the pears are soft. Baking time depends on the sort and how ripe the pears are.

[3] When the pears are done, place them in dessert bowls, one pear in each, and keep them warm. Pour the liquid from the baking dish into a small saucepan and add the golden syrup and red currant jelly. Cook over medium heat until the jelly has dissolved. Pour this sauce over the pears and serve them immediately.