Chocolate Milk with Coriander and Mintlade

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Chocolate Milk with Coriander and Mintlade

When autumn starts to get cold, it is great to enjoy a warm and delicious milk drink. No matter if it is at home in front of the fireplace or on a chilly hike. Hot milk drinks warm both inside and out. Hot cocoa, chai tea, chocolate milk with coriander or mint. There are countless variations you can make and it’s just your imagination that sets the limits.

Tips on Warming Milk

The protein content in the milk makes it prone to get burnt at the bottom of the sucepan. To prevent the milk from getting burnt; use a thick-bottomed saucepan. Heat the milk quickly and stir constantly. Keep an eye on the milk and move the saucepan from the heat just before the milk starts to boil.

Chocolate Milk with Coriander

1 serving

2 dl  [0,4 pt] full fat milk
1 teaspoon of ground dried coriander or
1 tablespoon freshly chopped
4 tablespoons chocolate sauce
4 tsp grated dark chocolate

Pour the chocolate sauce along the inside of the glass. Heat the milk, add coriander and pour the spice milk into the glass. Decorate with  grated dark chocolate.


2 serving

1½ dl [0,3 pt] chocolate sauce
1½ dl [0,3 pt] strong espresso
1½ dl [0,3 pt] boiling hot full fat milk
3 Rowntree’s After Eight mint chocolates
½ dl [0,1 pt] cream
1 tablespoon grated dark chocolate

Let the chocolate melt in the boiling hot milk. Pour the chocolate sauce along the inside of the glasses. Pour espresso and milk into the glasses. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate.