Chocolate Peppermint Custard

557_Chocolate peppermint custard_thumb[3]

1 level teaspoon cocoa
1 level teaspoon sugar
Few drops of vanilla essence
4 tablespoon milk
3 level tablespoons Bird’s Custard Powder
1 pint milk
3 level tablespoon sugar
Few drops of peppermint essence

[1] Put cocoa, sugar and vanilla into bowl with a lid and blend with 4 tablespoons of. milk.

[2] Make Bird’s Custard; re-boil for 2 minutes stirring all the time. Pour two-thirds into bowl and cover.

[3] Add Cocoa mixture to remainder in the pan. Stir over gentle heat to Cook through. Cool slightly.

[4] Add peppermint essence to Bird’s Custard in bowl.

[5] Spoon chocolate and peppermint custards into sundae glasses in alternate layers.

[6] Just before serving, decorate with crushed peppermint rock. Delicious.

But be sure you use Bird’s Custard. Only Bird’s delicate flavour blends superbly with all other flavours – makes all custard dishes sumptuous!

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