Chop Suey

chop suey_page_thumb[1]
9 oz. / 250 g chicken breast piece,
9 oz. / 250 g pork fillet,
9 oz. / 250 g bamboo shoots – from the box
1 leek or onion
9 oz. / 250 g fresh mushrooms
9 oz. / 250 g noodles
2 tablespoons oil
finely grated ginger
1 tablespoon soy
2 tablespoons dry sherry
2 teaspoon potato starch

Cut the meat into fine strips, bamboo shoots in slices,  slice the ​​mushrooms, leek or onion finely. Cook the noodles until just tender in lightly salted water. Fry all ingredients in succession in oil. The meat must not be fried so long that it becomes dry. Mix soy with sherry, salt, ginger and potato starch. Mix all the remaining ingredients, pour the sauce over and let the dish cook for 2 min. Taste it and serve it immediately.

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