Cocoanut Rusks

A baking recipe found in “Good Luck Recipes”
published by John F Jelke Co in 1916Cocoanut Rusks

1 1/2 cupfuls scalded milk
1 compressed yeast cake
1/2 cupful tepid water
3 cupfuls bread flour
7 tablespoonfuls Good Luck Margarine
1/2 cupful sugar
2 eggs
Flour to knead
1/2 cupful prepared cocoanut


[1] Cool the milk till lukewarm, add the yeast dissolved in the tepid water and beat in the three cupfuls of flour.

[2] Let rise till spongy, then add the melted margarine, the sugar, cocoanut, eggs well-beaten and flour to knead.

[3] Let rise again till double in bulk, turn onto a floured board but do not knead. Roll to one-half inch thickness, cut into good sized rounds and place on cooky sheets well oiled with margarine.

[4] Let rise till light and bake twelve minutes in a moderate oven (see table below).

[5] To make cakes of this, ice with plain vanilla frosting and sprinkle with grated cocoanut.

Fahrenheit Celsius Gas Mark Terminology
275 F 140 C 1 Very Cool or Very Slow
300 F 150 C 2 Cool or Slow
325 F 165 C 3 Warm
350 F 177 C 4 Moderate
375 F 190 C 5 Moderate
400 F 200 C 6 Moderately Hot
425 F 220 C 7 Hot
450 F 230 C 8 Hot
475  F 245 C 9 Hot
500 F 260 C 10 Very Hot