Cognac Mousse

A recipe for a delicious dessert for grown-ups
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Cognac Mousse

This is a delicious and tasty dessert you can safely serve your guests. Should you, like me, be somewhat unexcited over cognac, you can of course replace the cognac with a good dark rum. Or why not a decent port or a delicious homemade liqueur – Ted

9 servings

1 liter [2 pt] cream
8 tablespoons of sugar
0.5 vanilla pod, just the seeds
1 shot of cognac (make it without cognac for the kids)
8 gelatin sheet


[1] Whip the cream with sugar and vanilla seeds, add the cognac.

[2] Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water. Boil ½ dl / 0,1 pt of water, set it aside and add the soft gelatin plates. Stir till the gelatin is completely dissolved.

[3] Pour the gelatin gently into the cognac cream and mix gently.

[4] Pour the mixture into suitable serving glasses / bowls. place them in the refrigiator for cooling.

[5] When preparing for serving, put the glasses in a little warm water and carefully vault the mousse onto desserts plates or serve it in the glasses.

[6] Cut chocolate into thin slices and decorate the mousse with this, or use different fruits or berries.