Cornish Cream Tea

Cornish cream tea

Cornish Cream Tea (also known as a Devonshire tea or Devon cream tea Cornish cream tea) is a form of afternoon tea light meal, consisting of tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam. Traditionally a speciality of Devon and Cornwall, cream teas are offered for sale in tea rooms in those two counties, as well as in other parts of England, and elsewhere in the Commonwealth.

There are regional variations as to how a cream tea should preferably be eaten. The Devonshire (or Devon) method is to split the scone in two, cover each half with clotted cream, and then add strawberry jam on top. Traditionally it is important that the scones be warm (ideally, freshly baked), and that clotted (rather than whipped) cream and strawberry jam, rather than any other variety, are used. Butter is generally not included, and some sources advise that the tea should not be served with milk.

In Cornwall, the cream tea was traditionally served with a “Cornish split”, a type of slightly sweet white bread roll, rather than a scone. It is now rare to find this available commercially, except in Cornwall; splits are still used by many Cornish families in their own homes. The warm roll (or scone) is first buttered, then spread with strawberry jam, and finally topped with a spoonful of clotted cream. Scones are rarely buttered in commercially available teas.

Where clotted cream is not available, whipped cream is sometimes used as a substitute. Another variation to a cream tea is called “Thunder and Lightning”, which consists of a round of bread, topped with clotted cream and golden syrup, honey, or treacle.

345 grams self-raising flour
75 grams castor sugar
75 grams of margarine
2 small eggs
30 ml of milk
Half a teaspoon of salt
A medium round pastry cutter
Strawberry jam and clotted cream

How to Make Cornish Cream Tea

[1] Heat the oven to 190° C / 375° F / Gas 6.

[2] Place the flour and margarine in a mixing bowl and rub lightly together to form fine crumbs.

[3] Mix in the sugar and salt.

[4] Beat together the eggs and milk and stir into the mixture using a knife.

[5] Blend the mixture together by hand into a soft ball of dough.

[6] Roll out the dough on a floured board until it is approximately 2.5 cm / 1 in. thick.

[7] Use the pastry cutter to make 8 round scones.

[8] Place on a greased and floured baking sheath and moisten the tops with a little milk.

[9] Cook for approximately 20 minutes until golden brown.