Cuban Coffee Cream

A dessert recipe found in “The Story of Coffee and How
To Make It” published by the Cheek-Neal Coffee Co in 1925
Cuban Coffee Cream

Desserts flavored with coffee tends to be most popular among grown-ups, but who cares, we are grown-ups aren’t we

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3 1/2 cupful milk
3 tablespoonfuls coffee, ground
1/2 cupful cornstarch
scant 1/2 cupful sugar
1/2 teaspoonful salt
1 egg white
1/2 cupful heavy cream
1/2 teaspunful cinnamon extract


[1] Tie ground coffee in cheesecloth and place it with 3 cupfuls of milk in upper partof a double-boiler and scald.

[2] Mix cornstarch sugar and salt with remaining 1/2 cupful of milk, add the scalded milk and cook together until the mixture thickens.

[3] Remove bag of coffee after 3 minutes, but continue to cook the other ingredients for 20 minutes.

[4] Cool slightly and fold in the egg white and cream, both of which has been beaten stiff.

[5] Add axtract, beating it in well and turn the whole into a mould which has been dipped in cold water.

[6] The mould may be lined with lady fingers, in which case the Coffee Cream must be nearly cold before it is poured into the mould.