Dravle from Kvinnherad

438_Dravle fra Kvinnherad

Dravle is traditional party food from Kvinnherad in the western part of Norway. Recipes vary a lot from place to place, but it was and is common to serve dravle with milk cakes and potato cakes.

10 l [21 pint] milk
8 eggs
1 l [2,1 pint] kefir
2 small cup light sour cream
2 small cups sugar
2 tablespoons molasses

Note: Measuring cups like the ones used in the US are nor used in Norway. When cups turn up in Norwegian recipes it is usually a standard sized coffee cup.

15 servings


[1] Boil the milk under cover for 12-14 hours. When the milk has turnes redish brown, set half of it aside.

[2] Whisk together: 8-9 eggs, 1 l [2,1 pint] kefir, 2 small cup of light sour cream 2 small cups of sugar, 2-3 tablespoons molasses (molasses can be omitted.) Strain this mixture into half of the redish brown milk, and simmer for about 20-30 min., longer if needed.

[3] The milk will then become a solid mass of small and larger soft lumps. Strain away the thin whey when the mixture has cooled, then mix in the the other half of the redish brown milk and you got dravle.