Easy Nougat Marcipan Christmas Trees

Delicious Danish Christmas sweets found on madogbolig.dk
Easy Nougat Marcipan Christmas Trees

Fill the sweets platter with these lovely Christmas trees made of nougat and marcipan coated with chocolate. Nougat and marcipan is a must in Denmark when the Christmas sweets are served. Here the sweets are shaped like small Christmas trees, so they are in addition to being a delight for the palate also easy on the eyes.

This is what you need for the nougat marcipan Christmas trees
400 g [14 oz] marcipan
200 g [7 oz] soft nougat
200 g [7 oz] dark chocolate, 55%
Shredded coconut

How to make nougat marcipan Christmas trees

[1] Use the nougat cold directly from the refrigerator. Cut the marcipan and nougat into long slices with a cheese cutter, then alternately stackedthem  in layers – with the marcipan top and bottom.

[2] Cut the marcipan / nougat block into triangular pieces that are not too wide at the bottom (making them look like a triangular Christmas tree.)

[3] Dip the Christmas trees in melted and tempered dark chocolate and  trim them at the bottom if needed. Finally drizzle the trees with shredded coconut before the chocolate sets.