Eton Mess

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Eton Mess

Eton mess is a simple, delicious dessert, made with broken meringues, strawberries and cream. It gets it’s name as it is the dessert traditionally served at Eton College’s prize-giving picnic on June 4th. Ready in just 10 mins, this Eton mess recipe uses ready made meringues for speed but if you fancy a challenge you can make your own!

6 ready-made meringues
570 ml [1,2 pt] double cream
(or use half Greek yogurt for a healthier version)
450 g [1 lb] strawberries, washed and hulled
75 ml [0,15 pt] port, kirsch or Cointreau
(optional, for a more grown-up version)


[1] Cut the strawberries in half or into thick slices if they’re big. Place in a bowl with the port, kirsch or Cointreau if using, cover and chill for 2-3 hrs.

[2] Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks, then fold in the berries and juices.

[3] Crush the meringues and fold into the strawberry and cream mixture.

[4] Spoon the Eton mess into individual dishes. If you like, you can decorate with extra strawberries.