Evening Porridge with Milk, Honey and Nuts

A porridge eaten in Scandinavia ever since the viking era
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Evening Porridge with Milk, Honey and Nuts

Warm milk with honey will help you sleep at night says an old wife’s advise – try this recipe for an evening meal with ingredients popular in Scandinavia all the way back to the Viking era.

4 tablespoons almonds
4 tablespoons hazelnuts
4 tablespoons walnut kernels
250 g [9 oz] rolled oats
8 dl [1,6 pt] milk
4 tablespoons liquid honey


[1] Roughly chop the nuts.

[2] Boil the rolled oats and milk while stirring and simmer for about 3 minutes.

[3] Add some of the nuts and taste with a little salt.

[4] Distribute the porridge into bowls and top with liquid honey and chopped nuts.