Foil Wrapped Hiking Food

Foliepakket turmat_joker_page_thumb[2]

When going on a hike your backpack quickly gets full and heavy, one quickly becomes aware of what the things you bring really weights. Then you may want to make readymade packages like this. This food is great fuel for a hungry and tired body.

4 barbecue sausages
1 onion
2 tomatoes
1 leek
1 green squash
4 teaspoons oil
4 teaspoons Provence seasoning
4 sheets of aluminium foil

This is what you do

[1] Cut the sausages and vegetables in suitable pieces / slices.

[2] Cut aluminum foil into suitable sized sheets and brush with oil. Add sausages and vegetables, and top it off with Provence seasoning. Wrap it tightly and secure with a rubber band.

[3] Remove the rubber band and put the packages with the joints up the embers of the fire – and let them “simmer” in the heat for about 20 minutes.