French Walnut Bread

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French Walnut Bread

Preparation: about 30 min.
Oven temperature: 200° C / 390° F
Total time: 2 hours
Makes 2 loaves
Very suitable for freezing.

5 dl [1 pt] skimmed milk
50 g [1,75 oz] (1 pk.) yeast
½ dl [0,1 pt] melted butter or cooking oil
2 tsp salt
100 g [3,5 oz] walnuts
4 dl [0,8 pt] rye flour, sieved
4 dl [0,8 pt] wholemeal rye flour, fine
about 6 dl [1,2 pt] flour


[1] Crumble yeast into a baking bowl, add lukewarm water and stir till the yeast has dissolved. Stir in butter or oil, chopped walnuts and salt. Mix in the rye flours and so much wheat flour that the dough becomes smooth and release the side of the bowl.

[2] Leave the dough under plastic wraps in a warm place for about 45 minutes.

[3] Put dough onto the counter and cut it into two equal sized pieces. Form them into round bread and press them a little flat. Let them raise under plastic in a warm place for about 30 minutes. When finished, Cut four cuts across the bread with a sharp knife, making it possible to break them into 8 pieces when baked.

[4] Put bread in the oven and bake them. Cool uncovered on a grid.