Garlic Shrimp with Chili

Hvitløksreker med chili_godt_page_thumb[2]

500 g [1,1 lb] shrimp, cleaned
2 dl [0,4 pint] olive oil, mild
7 garlic cloves
2 dried chilis, small
4 tablespoons parsley, chopped
good bread for serving

This is what you do

[1] Cut the garlic into thin slices.

[2] Mix olive oil, garlic and chili in a small frying pan. Warm all over medium heat until the garlic is golden and it smells delightfully aromatic. Turn down the heat and add the shrimp. The shrimp should only be heated in the frying pan. They will get tough and chewy if cooked for too long.

[3] Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve with good bread and butter.

4 servings