Gravlaks me stuee poteter

2.4 kg salmon mid sections
For each kg salmon a mixture of
    2 tablespoons salt and
    1 tablespoon sugar (preferably brown)
1 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
Plenty of fresh dill and
    preferably 1 to 2 teaspoon dry dill
1 shot glass of brandy or sherry.

Cut the salmon fillets with the skin on, neither scrape or wash – only dry the fillets with tissue paper. remove all small bones and membranes. Sprinkle the fillets on the meat side first with pepper and preferably the dry dill, then with salt and sugar mixture. Sprinkled with a bit of the brandy or sherry . Place fillet meat side up on a large platter or in a form, add a thick layer of chopped dill on top and place the other fillet on top that with the meat side down. Pour the rest of cognac or sherry over the fillets. Place a chopping board or something similar wooden on the salmon fillets and a weight on top of that. For example, an iron or the similarly heavy.

Place the dish in a cool place (not refrigerator) and let it stand either just 24 hours as some prefer, or 48 hours as others think gives the best result. Turn the fish one time halfway through .

Gravlax should be served sliced ​​diagonally, fairly thin but thicker than one slice smoked salmon. Serve it with a spicy sauce and stewed potatoes (Skånska Potatis), crispy bits of salmon skin can also used.

Gravlax sauce :
The simplest is just to stir a few egg yolks with a little French mustard, or a little of the marinade from the fish.

Stewed potatoes for Gravlax:
Either potatoes stewed in plain white sauce with some chopped fresh dill, or done a little more spicy by adding the mustard sauce or by adding a few tablespoons of the marinade from the curing and a good teaspoon of French mustard. This way you can skip the sauce and serve just the stewed potatoes.

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