Grilled Smoked Pork with Sauce

A quick dinner recipe found in “God Mat på en Halv
Timme” (Nice Food in Half an Hour) published by
Alt om Mat in 1974
Grill Smoked Pork with Sauce

Smoked pork is comfortable and often used summer food in Scandinavia. This little recipe has been simplified, but it is undoubtedly an advantage if the meat can stay a while in the “marinade” to pick up flavour.

This is needed for 4 servings
600 g [1,3 lb] smoked pork in slices (8 slices)
1 tablespoon margarine
For the marinade:
1 dl [0,2 pt] chili sauce
1 lemon
1/2 onion or chives
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 crumbled bay leaves
For the sauce:
1 1/2 dl [0,3 pt] sour cream
The left over marinade

How to do this

[1] Peel the lemon and finally chop the fruit meat, chop the onion and crush the bay leaves. Mix it all into chili sauce and sprinkle with pepper.

[2] Slice the smoked pork. Place the slices and marinade in a bowl and allow the meat to soak for a while.

[3] Remove the slices. Wipe them and fry or grill them on both sides.

[4] Mix the left over marinade with the sour cream for the sauce.

Serve the pork with its pink sauce, boiled potatoes, a green salad and cucumber.