Grilled Salmon Slices

A summer dinner recipe found in “Sommermat”
(Summer Food) Published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in
Grilled Salmon Slices

This tour of citrus flavoured Scandinavian summer dinners is
rounded off by an outdoor grill in Norway where not surprisingly
salmon is cooked – Ted

4 servings
Preparation: About 15 min.
Cooking: About 10 min.
Unsuitable for freezing.

4 slices (2 cm / 4/5 inch thick) fresh salmon
Black pepper


[1] Sprinkle salt on the salmon slices and leave them for about 10 min. Rinse off the salt and wipe them well with kitchen paper.

[2] Brush the slices with melted butter and place them on a grill grid, brushed with oil. Grill 4-5 minutes on each side. If the salmon slices are placed directly on the grid, they must be turned only once, otherwise they will break apart.

[3] Sprinkle the slices with coarsely ground pepper and finely chopped dill when the fish meat loosens from the bones. Serve the slices straight from the grill with white bread, lemon wedges and cold spiced butter (butter tasted with finely chopped herbs or grated horseradish).

The accessories can be varied to tastes. For example boiled potatoes and fresh spinach, which has been steamed just soft in a little butter and mixed with sour cream and seasoned with salt, pepper and grated nutmeg.

Variation: Brown the salmon slices quickly on both sides and place them on a large piece of aluminum foil. Add melted butter, pepper and dill. Pack the foil around the fish an place the package on the grill  away from the coals for 6-8 minutes.