Hykonys In Bruette

Hykonys In Bruette

Saara who runs One Year and Thousand Eggs writes: You can use the whole chicken with giblets if you desire. If you do so, chop the chicken into quarter. About 400 g chicken with the bones should be enough per person. I used legs because they are cheap and easy to get.

Take and Seethe Chickens, & smite them to gobbets; then take Pepper, Ginger, and Bread ground & mix it up with the same broth, and with Ale; and color it with Saffron, and seethe and serve forth.

From Harleian MS. 279, Volume I  written in 1450

4 servings

4 chicken legs (1 chicken leg per person)
1 bottles of ale
water to cover the legs
1 teaspoon pepper
2 tespoons ginger
1 pinch of saffron
½ dl bread crumbs


[1] Put the chicken legs into a large pot and pour over them ale, and water so much that the chicken legs are covered. Add spices and cook for about 30 minutes until the chicken legs are properly cooked. Remove the chicken legs and spoon off the foam from the broth. Cut the legs and remove the bones.

[2] Add the breadcrumbs to the broth and cook it for a while, until the broth is somewhat thickened. Pour the broth through a sieve and crush the bread crumbs through the sieve back into the broth. Taste and add more spices and salt if necessary. Put the chicken pieces in a serving dish and pour the hot broth on top and serve.