Iced Coffee

Two Ways To Make Delicious Iced Coffee Every time!

The  Quick Way

Make double strength coffee by using half the water. Pour over regular ice cubes. Extra strength coffee compensate for the melting ice cubes.

The pre-Cooled Way

Make coffee full strength – use one standard coffee measure (2 level teaspoons) of coffee for each cup. Cool in a non-metal container, tightly covered, for no more than 3 hours. Pour over ice cubes.

And here are 4 great idea for enjoing your iced coffee

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Coffee Float
Drop a generous amount of yout favourite ice cream into good iced coffee – coffee ice cream, of course or vanilla, chocolate, mint or maple walnut.

Iced Coffee Mocha
So easy when you add a teaspoon of chocolate syrup or cocoa per cup at the last minute of making your good, full strength iced coffee.

Coffee Julep
Coolest looking, coolest tasting midsummer drink! Add a dash of mint lavour to iced coffee, serve in silver or aluminum tumblers, well froste.

Iced Coffee Viennese
Topped with a snowy swirl of whipped cream, your iced coffee turns Continental! A deligtful way to win raise from guests or framily!