Imperial Sunshine Cake


1 1/2 cupfuls sugar
1/2 cupful water
6 eggs, beaten separately
1/4 teaspoonful salt
1 cupful cake flour
3/4 teaspoonful cream of tartar
1 teaspoonful orange extract

Boil sugar and water until it threads when dropped from tip of spoon. Pour the hot syrup in a fine stream on the beaten egg whites to which salt has been added, beating mixture until cool. Then add the well-beaten egg yolks. Sift the flour once, measure, add cream of tartar and sift again three times. Fold very carefully into the egg mixture. Add extract. Pour into an ungreased angel cake pan and bake 50-60 minutes in a moderately slow oven, (325° to 350° F.). When done invert to cool.

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