Knox Dainties

Lovely jelly sweets recipes found in “Knox Gelatine Dainty Desserts – Salads – Candies” published in  1927”Knox Dainties

I have to admit that I love homemade sweets. We always made marzipan, cream and chocolate caramels and candied fruit for Christmas when I was a kid and the thought of those can still make me drift off into lovely childhood memories. I think it’s time to start planning the easter sweets – Ted

4 level tablespoonfuls Knox Acidulated Gelatine
4 cups granulated sugar
1 36 cups boiling water
1 cup cold water


[1] Soak gelatine in the cold water five minutes. Place sugar and boiling water on fire and when sugar is dissolved add the soaked gelatine and boil slowly fifteen minutes. Remove from fire and divide into two equal parts.

[2] To the one part add one-half teaspoonful of the lemon flavoring found in separate envelope and two teaspoonfuls lemon extract. To the other part add one-quarter teaspoonful lemon flavoring and one teaspoonful extract of cinnamon, cloves or whatever flavor preferred.

[3] If peppermint is desired use one-half teaspoonful only. Any coloring desired may be added. Pour into bread tins. which have been dipped in cold water. to the depth of three-fourths inch, and let stand over night. Turn out, cut in squares and roll in powdered or fine granulated sugar.

Note: If the Plain Sparkling package is used add three tablespoonfuls of lemon juice to take the place of tits Lemon Flavoring and Lemon Extract when making lemon dainties.