Lefse From Hardanger


1 liter of sour milk [2,1 pint]
250 g margarine [8,8 oz.]
2 dl sugar [0,4 pint]
2 kg flour [4,4 pound]
2 bs deer salt [bs=childrens spoon]
750 g margarine or butter [1,65 pound]
500 g powdered sugar [1,1 pound]
3 dl light sour cream [0,65 pint]
cinnamon or vanilla sugar to taste

(makes about 30 pieces)
Heat the milk, add soft margarine (slightly melted). Mix in sugar, flour and deer salt. Knead gently until you have  a smooth dough. Roll out fairly thin and cook on medium hot griddle. Go lite on the first side and a bit more on the other.

There should be light brown dots on the surface of the lefse when finished. Put the finished lefse in an  stack covered with a slightly moist kitchen cloth to keep them soft.

When they are cold, butter the lefse with the spreading which you have worked into a smouth mix, fold them in half, and cut into triangles.

clip_image001_thumb[1]This is a Norwegian griddle called a “takke” and most Norwegian make their lefse on one like this. But you can just as easily make smaler lefse in a large dry frying pan so don’t let the lack of a griddle stop you from making them – Ted

13 thoughts on “Lefse From Hardanger

  1. This is exactly how I make my lefse, except I use norwegian hornsalt.( same as deersalt, I am thinking). My whole family loves lefse


  2. Karen Mort says:

    Where can one find a griddle as pictured here? I have tried searching the web but have found none like it. Looks like a really nice griddle.


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