Lobster Salad

A shellfish recipe found in “Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes”
published by  Frank E Davis Fish Company in 1932Lobster Salad


in the old days, in Nova Scotia where lots of lobster has always been caught, kids were embarrassed to bring lobster sandwhiches to school because it meant they were poor. People there called it the “cockroaches of the sea.” Then suddenly in the beginning of the 20th century, in New York, lobster is considered a delicacy, and a dish at a fashionable restaurant would have costed you an arm and a leg. Strange world we’re living in.

1 can of lobster
Salad dressing
Lettuce leaves
Celery if desired
Hard-boiled egg


Cut Lobster in half inch cubes. Mix with 1 small amount of salad dressing and serve on fresh, crisp lettuce leaves. Garnish with olives and sliced hard-boiled egg if you wish. Salad should be mixed just before serving and everything be kept on ice until the last moment.