Marcipan Bread with Baileys and Pistachio

A new take on an old Danish Classic found on
Marcipan Bread with Baileys and Pistachio

The classic Danish marcipan bread with Baileys and pistachio
– it’s well worth a try!

You need
100 g [3,5 oz] dark chocolate
1 dl [0,2 pt] Baileys
1½ dl [0,3 pt] cream
400 g [14 oz] raw marcipan
200 g [7oz] pistachio paste
200 g [7 oz] dark chocolate
Edible gold dust or the like (optional)


[1] Bring chocolate, Baileys and cream to the boiling point, let it thicken. When it can be stired to a smouth and shiny mixture, it is ready. Remove from the heat and keep it cool.

[2] Roll the marcipan out into a square, about 15 x 30 cm / 6 x 12 in. spread with the pistachio paste and then with chocolate mixture.

[4] Roll up the marcipan square as you would a roulade. Cut the roll in two and dip them into melted chocolate and decorate with coarsely chopped pistachio nuts and gold dust.