Meatloaf Fifties Style

Meatloaf Fifties Style

4 servings

3 hg [0,7 lb] ground beef
1 hg [0,25 lb] ground pork
1/2 dl [0,1 pt] breadcrumbs
2 dl [0,4 pt] milk
1-2 dl [0,2-0,4 pt] water
1 medium boiled, cold potato
1 medium yellow onion
1 egg
2 finely chopped anchovies
1-2 tablespoon anchovy brine
Salt and pepper
1-2 tablespoons mustard
4 slices bacon
For the  roasting:
1-2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1-2 dl [0,2-0,4 pt] water

For the sauce:
1 tablespoon flour
1 dl [0,2 pt] cream
cooking juices


[1] Mix water, milk, breadcrumbs, eggs, salt and pepper and let the mixture rest to swell for a while.

[2] Mash the potato. Peel and chop the onion and let it simmer in butter in medium hot frying pan. Mix the potato and the bredcrumb mixture little by little into the ground meats and knead until smooth. Taste the dough well with salt, pepper, onion, anchovies and a little anchovy brine.

[3] Grease a frying pan or roasting pan with cold butter. Place the dough in the pan and shape it into a long loaf with the back of two wooden spoons dipped in cold water. Spread the loaf with mustard and cover with strips of bacon. Place the pan in a hot oven, 225-250° C / 435-480° F, ca. 40 min. Drip the loaf from time to time and dilute the cooking juices with a little water at the end of the cooking time, if you considers it necessary.

[4] Place the meat loaf on a warm serving plate and strain the cooking juices into a saucepan. Stir flour into the cream and whisk it into the boiling juices. Let the sauce cook a few minutes, Taste it with salt and pepper and pour it into a sauce cup.