Medieval Monday – Gridle Bread

A recipe for ale rised bread found on CookIt!
Medieval Monday - Gridle Bread

Bread was part of the staple diet in Medieval times. And this is a simple risen bread which uses ale (the yeast in the ale) to make the bread rise. The ale is warmed to activate the yeast.

Many early breads and biscuits were baked on flat metal pans, much as earlier peoples had cooked on bake stones. The heat from the griddle cooks the food.

a cup of warmed ale *
wholemeal flour
an egg

* I think you need to use homebrewed ale to make this work. I don’t think there are enough yeast left in the ones from commercial breweries.


[1] Sift the flour through a cloth (bolting), to make the flour white (this makes manchet (white) bread.) Add the warmed ale – the yeast in this will make the bread rise. Mix to make a dough and make a well in the centre of the dough. Add the egg and fold this into the dough.

[2] On a floured board, knead half of the dough into a flat circle. Repeat with the rest of the dough.

[3] Set a griddle pan on the fire to heat. When it is hot put a piece of fat in and coat the pan. Place one bread in the pan at a time a cook. The bread will need to be turned from time to time to stop it from burning.

[4] Wrap the cooked bread in a clean cloth to keep warm while the rest cook. When they are all cooked, serve hot.