“Mutton In Cabbage”


“Mutton in cabbage” is Norway’s undisputed national dish – voted by listeners of a popular radio program about 40 years ago. “Mutton in cabbage” is both homely and great party food, and many find the taste even better when reheated the day after it was first made. And one thing is certain: “Mutton in cabbage” is the best reason to gather friends for a harvest feast around the steaming pots and pans!

"Mutton in Cabbage" is a traditional autumn dish in Norway, that was when the cabbage was harvested and mutton were fresh.
1 ½ kg mutton [3,3 pound]
1 ½ kg Cabbage [3,3 pound]
4 teaspoons whole peppercorns
2 teaspoons salt
3 dl water
[0,65 pint]

This is how:

Cut the cabbage into fairly thin wedges.

Put meat and cabbage in layers in a casserole (meat at the bottom with the fat side down). Sprinkle salt and pepper between layers. Pepper grains can optionally be placed in a special pepper holder*1. (Some people also like to thicken their “Mutton in cabbage”. Sprinkle a little flour [about 1-2 tablespoons] per 4 portions, between the layers.*2)

Pour in the water. Bring to a boil and let the “Mutton in cabbage” cook on low heat until meat is tender (when the meat  slips the bone), ca. 2 hours.

Serve “Mutton in cabbage” piping hot with boiled potatoes.

4 servings

Tip: If you want to make “Mutton in cabbage” for a lot of people, you need a 10 litre/20 pint casserole or two 5 litre/10 pint for about 10 servings.

*1Pepper holders are for sissies – Ted
*2Not the done thing where I come from – Ted

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