Norwegian Cream Rolls

A recipe for filled cake rolls found in “Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket” (The New Kitchen Library) published in 1971Norwegian Cream Rolls

This is, as one see immediately, a close  relative of the “Kromkake”. These cakes are easy to shape and they are also easy both to make and to store. To whip the cream to fill them with is also done in a jiffy. Cream rolls are perfect for serving guests that find the standard seven sorts of Norwegian Christmas cookies somwhat dry.

1 egg
80 g [3 oz] sugar
25 g [1 oz] almonds
60 g [2 oz] flour
A little water
50 g [2 oz] dark chocolate
1-2 dl [0,2-0,4 pt] cream


[1] Whip egg and sugar into a light foam. Add the almonds (scalded and chopped) and mix in the flour with about 1 tablespoon of water.

[2] Roll out the dough into small, slightly oblong squares on the baking sheet. Bake the cakes at 220° C / 430° F. Take them out immediately after they have turned light brown and shape them into rolls while they are still soft by rolling them around a wooden handle.

[3] Do not remove the baking sheet completely from the oven while forming the rolls. (Do not put too many cakes on the sheet at a time.) The ends of the finished rolls can be dipped in melted chocolate. Store the rolls in a kake tin with a tight fitting lid.

[4] Before serving, fill the rolls with whipped cream using a piping bag.