Norwegian Mixed Dumplings

A traditional recipe from the North-Western part of Norway
found in “God Mat fra Sjøen” (Nice Food From the Sea)
published by Gyldendal in 1984

Norwegian Mixed Dumplings

I posted a recipe for potato dumpings the other day. This is a more extensive recipe for a similar dish. I know this one well as my x-mother-in-law often made it – Ted

4 servings

Key Ingredients
1 kg [2,2 lb] fish fillet (preferably pollock or haddock)
900 g [2 lb] potatoes
1 large onion
1 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
about. 2 tablespoons wholemeal barley flour
about. 2 tablespoons flour
Fried bacon
1 rutabaga
4 carrots
Boiled potatoes, optional


[1] Grind the fish in a meat grinder once with onions and potatoes. or run it in your kitchen machine. Add salt and pepper.

[2] Mix in flour. The mixture is perfect when the dumplings drops from the palm of the hand. Form the mixture into round dumplings, and put some bacon pieces in each dumpling.

[3] Gently place the ball in boiling fish broth or salted water. The ball should be cooked like you would cook fish, at 90° C / 195° F for about 30 minutes, depending on the size.

[4] Serve the bubbly hot, with fried bacon and vegetables. Some also serve potatoes with the dumplings.