Norwegian Potato Waffles

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Norwegian Potato Waffles

Left over potatoes turn into delicious waffles with this recipe. The first waffle iron was probably developed in the Netherlands and Germany in the 1300s. Cakes fried in irons were among the first cakes made in Norway, besides cakes fried on flatt stones and griddles. The waffle irons had long handles to make the user able to keep the iron in the fire.

This recipe is from the book “From oldemor’s kitchen” (From Great Grandma’s Kitchen), published by Østfold Associated Country Women in 1998.

250 g [8,8 oz] boiled, cold potatoes
3 dl [0,6 pt] milk
250 g [8,8 oz] flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
60 g [2 oz] butter or margarine
2 dl [0,4 pt] cold water


[1] Mix the milk and most of the flour. Leave this to swell for 1 – 2 hours.

[2] Mash the potatoes well and melt the butter.

[3] Add the rest of the flour with the baking powder to the milk/flour mix and stir in the  melted butter and mashed potatoes making a smooth batter.

[4] Add the water under strong whipping just prior to frying. Fry in a waffle iron.